You are looking forward to going on a solo camping trip but there is one thing stopping you.

You don’t know which 1 person backpacking tent to bring along with you. This list will give you several options followed by a review, telling you the pros and cons of each tent.

My recommendation is the Fly Creek as the best 1 person backpacking tent because of its strength and performance.

Here is the list –

Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents

PictureTent NameDimensionWeightSeasonsEditor's RatingType
PictureTent NameDimensionWeightSeasonsRatingType
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 Person TentFly Creek30 x 86 x 42 inches 2 pounds3 Season10Ultralight
Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person TentALPS Mountaineering Lynx32 x 90 x 36 inches3.9 pounds3 Season9.8Lightweight
Nemo Hornet 1 Person TentNemo Hornet87 x 31 x 40 inches2 pounds3 Season9.5Ultralight
Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 1 Person TentCopper Spur88 x 38 / 28 inches2 pounds3 Season9.4Ultralight
Luxe Tempo 1 Person TentLuxe Tempo82.6 x 35.4 x 39.3 inches3.3 pounds 3 Season9.2Lightweight
Winterial 1 Person TentWinterial40 x 30 x 92 inches2.9 pounds3 Season9.0Lightweight

Big Agnes – Fly Creek UL Tent Review

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 Person Tent - best 1 person backpacking tentThis is the best high quality ultralight tent. The setup is easy and can be done within a few minutes. You will get an extra five stakes (eleven total) with this tent so you can either bring those with you or leave them at home to save even more weight.

Downpours and heavy winds won’t be a problem for the Big Agnes. It uses waterproofing materials so rain will never leak through your tent, no matter how much rain comes down.

It can stay really warm in cold temperatures due to the rain fly and well sealed seams. There is one vestibule which will fit it some of your gear. This tent has a good amount of room so some gear can fit inside the tent with you.

There is also a small gear loft and two small pockets on each inner side of the tent. This tent will become very compact so you won’t have a problem finding a place inside of your backpack for it.

If you are not used to ultralight tents then you would notice an enormous difference in weight inside of your backpack if you got this tent. This is the best one that you can get due to the price, weight, and quality.

Overall this tent is perfect for any solo backpacker.

  • Easy Setup
  • Stable – High winds will not be a problem for the Fly Creek tent.
  • Weight – This tent barely weighs two pounds and is easy to carry on long trips.
  • Design – The overall design is great. There are clips on the inside that are used to hold out the tent. They separate the tarp from the tent and prevents any condensation from building up.
  • Compact – There will not take up that much space in your bag.
  • Space – Plenty of room for you and your sleeping pad.
  • Footprint – You would have to buy the footprint separately.
  • Fragile Bottom – The footprint is needed if you want to your tent to last a long time.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Review

This tent is really versatile when it comes to weather conditions. Really hot temperatures? This tent is great at keeping heat out when setup to do so.

Really cold temperatures? This tent also has this covered and it is all because of the adjustable rainfly. You can set it up to have more or less ventilation any time you need it which is really handy.

This tent is a pleasure to set up because it has tension straps. This will make assembly very easy and fast to do. If you are looking for an affordable 1 person backpacking tent then this would be the best option.

  • Waterproof – Water will never end up inside of this tent.
  • Spacious – You will have enough room to get comfy.
  • Freestanding – This tent doesn’t have to be staked down which saves you time and also saves you some weight since you won’t be bringing stakes.
  • Windows – There are windows which allow you to look out from the inside.
  • Vestibules – Keep your shoes and gear safe from the rain.
  • Guy lines – They help the tent against heavy winds.
  • Gear Loft – Place to but extra things.
  • Windows – They are good from the inside but they can also be looked at from the outside, invading some privacy
  • High Temperature – This tent gets hot in high temperatures.

Nemo Hornet 1 Person Tent Review

Nemo Hornet 1 Person TentThis is an ultralight tent which is perfect for long backpacking trips. It is freestanding which will make the setup quick and easy to do.

This tent is on the more expensive side but its worth it if you want a high quality ultralight tent. There is plenty of room in here for 1 person and you will have enough head room to sit-up while in the middle.

It is very spacious but if you think that you would need more room then there is also a 2 person version.

  • There is one vestibule that can be used for your gear.
  • Bad weather conditions won’t affect this tent at all.
  • This tent could sit in 3 inches of rain and still be completely dry inside.
  • Doors – Big doors which make it easy to enter or leave.
  • Weight – Super light so you can bring it on long trips.
  • Comfortable – Easy to get comfortable due to the amount of space.
  • Easy Assembly – Easy to build.
  • Freestanding – If you have a trekking pole then you can turn this into a free-standing tent.
  • Height – There is enough room inside for you to sit up.
  • Condensation Starts to form on the rainfly.

Big Agnes – Copper Spur HV UL Tent Review

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 1 Person TentThis is another one of Big Agnes’s ultralight tents. It is very roomy for one person so you will have an easy time getting into a comfortable position.

There are small pockets on the inside which are great for storing any small supplies that you bring along. Any type of weather condition that you can think of will not harm this tent at all. Even with wind gust of 40 mph combined with heavy rain, this tent will stay intact and dry.

Heat or cold temperatures will also be avoided while inside of this tent. You will be able to sit up inside of this tent with ease due to the height of the tent. This tent is very durable which is something you would want from an expensive tent. This is one that was made to last you many years. There is also a footprint available that will increase the life span even more.

There is a huge door that allows you to see outside while laying down. The rainfly also allows you to have a view of the sky since it is an open mesh top.

  • Weatherproof – Wind and rain will not be a problem for the Copper Spur tent.
  • Durable – High quality materials and even an included footprint to increase the life span.
  • Setup – Easy to follow instructions provides a fast setup.
  • Weight – Ultralight tent so it’s extremely easy to carry.
  • Vestibules – Big sized vestibules for easy gear storing.
  • Space – A lot of room for a 1 person tent.
  • Pockets – There is only one interior pocket
  • Condensation – Condensations starts to build up on the sides of the tent.
  • Size – Not recommended for anyone over 6 ft.


Luxe Tempo Single 1 Person Tent Review

Luxe Tempo 1 Person TentThe Luxe Tempo tent is really impressive. Even though the price is relatively low, it even comes with a footprint! It will keep your tent safe from scratches and increase its life span.

This tent can keep in a good amount of heat even if the temperature drops to around 25 degrees. So overall, this tent can handle low temps, rain, and windy days. Its performs really well for its price and wont be something you regret. Heat will not be a problem either.

At temperatures of 80 degrees, there will still be enough airflow so your tent will not become stuffy. There are also two large vestibules to store your gear.

  • Waterproof – Water does not leak anywhere into the tent.
  • Easy setup – Setup can be done without struggling and it will take 10 minutes or less.
  • Sleeping Bag – This tent comes with a pretty nice sleeping bag.
  • Carrying Case – Easy to stuff everything back into the carrying case.
  • Versatility – This tent can be good in both hot or cold temperatures.
  • Footprint – You will also get a footprint with the purchase of this tent.
  • None

Winterial Single Person Tent Review

Winterial 1 Person TentThis is a great affordable option for solo backpacking. The only real thing that you should know about before considering this tent is that it’s not made for tall people. The maximum height that you could fit comfortably is 5’11”. Any taller and your head and feet will be touching the ends of the tent.

But besides that, this tent performs very well. It can go through thunderstorms and keep you and all of your gear dry. Under the rainfly (outside of the tent) is a little safe area where you can put some gear. Gear can also fit inside of the tent with you. This is a one person tent but there is enough room for another adult to squeeze in with you.

That should give you a better visual as to how much room is inside. This is a 3 season tent but it can also handle low temperatures and a bit of snow. So if the temp drops and you don’t expect it, you should still be comfortable inside of this tent. This is the lowest priced tent on this list and it is well liked in the camping community so it’s worth checking out (If you’re under 6 feet).

  • Fast Setup – Can be done in a couple of minutes.
  • Strong Poles – Very high quality poles. definitely made to last a long time.
  • Weight – Great weight for backpacking.
  • Mesh Walls – Full mesh walls allow for great ventilation and lots of breathable air.
  • Good Stakes – The included stakes are strong and will keep your tent in place.
  • Waterproof – Can stay completely dry during rainstorms.
  • Price – This tent is worth more than when it is price. Its a really good deal.
  • Size – If you are over 6 ft then you will not fit inside of this tent comfortably.
  • Rainfly Vents – There are no rainfly vents which can lead to some condensation build up.

Should You Get A Lightweight Tent Or Ultralight?

A lightweight tent can be just as good as an ultralight in terms of the quality materials. If you don’t mind the few extra pounds of a lightweight tent then they can do you the same service as an ultralight tent.

Ultralight tents are generally more expensive due to their extremely low weight. They are very easy to carry and make hiking for long periods of time a pleasurable experience. Ultralight tents are also always guaranteed to be compact when stored away.

The whole point of a ultralight tent is to save you as much weight and space in your backpack. If you don’t have that many heavy items in your backpack then you could go for a lightweight tent instead of ultralight. Both types of tents are great depending on how you are going to use them.

Top 6 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents Of 2017

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