Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress With Neverflat PumpThe Serta Raised Air Mattress is very similar to the Insta-Bed Raised air mattress. They share the same design but the main difference is the fact that the Serta Air Mattress has two pumps.

The main pump is used to set the desired firmness, while the second pump can silently keep the bed inflated during the night. Here are the top features of this airbed.

Serta Raised Air Mattress Review

Never Flat PumpSerta Raised Queen Mattress

This is what separates this bed from all the other airbeds. The advance technology in this pump will insure that you have a good nights rest.

It can detect how much air is in the bed and keep filling it automatically. So whichever setting you set the pump to, it will pump air to that desired level whenever air is lost.

The three settings are between plush, medium, and firm. The pump does make a noticeable noise but it’s not loud enough to wake you out of your sleep. The main pump also has an auto inflate/deflate feature.

After this bed becomes fully inflated, in will automatically shut off so you won’t have to worry about over inflation. It will also shut off once the bed is fully deflated. This bed is best for keeping its firmness throughout the night.

Comfort And Support

There are 35 circular coils throughout this bed to help it be as level as possible. The surface is made of soft and durable material which also makes it comfortable.

The height it also at a reasonable level. You will be able to get in or out of the bed easily due to the added height. This is beneficial for older people or anybody that has a hard time getting up. This will make it less stressful for you.

There material is good enough to support every part of your body. Due to the Never Flat pump, this bed will stay firm and never become soft. If you have had any pain issues then you would know that a soft airbed may not be that comfortable for long periods of time.

If you don’t have any pain problems then this bed will always be comfortable as long as it is inflated.

Other Features

  • Included carry bag for convenient storage and travel
  • Queen Dimensions: 80″x60″x18″
  • Durable flocked top to keep your sheets in place
  • Quality materials that are puncture and water-resistant to ensure a long life

Customer ThoughtsSerta Raised Queen Mattress With Never Flat Pump

One customer was really old and had a lot of back pain. It was common for her to wake up in the middle of night due to this pain. When she was on this bed, she didn’t wake up due to the pain once.

The height was perfect for her to get in and out of the bed without any stress. She also mentioned that the pump was perfect and got the bed setup without any issues. This wasn’t her own bed, so she said that she would switch to this one “in a heartbeat”

Another customer has been using this airbed as his main mattress. He claims that the only time he hears the Never Flat pump is when he gets out of the bed. It has never woken him up or disturbed his sleep, and he is a light sleeper! His old air mattress resulted in him getting cramps and pain in several areas.

The Serta Raised Air Mattress had a totally different design which avoids the problems he had. He liked this airbed more just because he could sleep comfortably without waking up due to pain and aches. This was the best air mattresses that he ever owned.

On the bad side, some customers have said that the bed becomes firm on all three of the settings. Even on plush, you will not sink into the bed. Some people have even said it was “as hard as a rock”. Unplugging the Never Flat pump is not an option because you will lose around 25% of the air during the night.

Some padding is recommended so that you can sink into the padding instead. One person in particular has said that it is similar to sleeping on the floor without the padding.

Another customer has said that his bed makes a lot of noise whenever he rolled around on it. It was annoying at first but he was able to get used to it. He started to find holes around the seams in several areas. Every few days, he would be patching up a new hole. And to top it off, his bed started to lose its shape.

It was a rectangular shape at first, and it was starting to pop out in the middle. Without the coils, the bed would turn into a circle. He was using this bed everyday so that could be a reason why he was having so many issues. If you was to use this sparingly for camping then you won’t have to worry about wear and tear for a long time.

Good And Bad


  • Never Flat – Pump keeps the bed fully inflated to whichever setting you prefer.
  • Comfortable – Comfy and easy to fall asleep on due to the material. Some people have claimed that this feels better than their real mattress.
  • Height – Height is around 18 inches so it is easy for you get up.
  • Weight – Can hold up to around 380 pounds of weight and still keep the bed inflated.
  • Quality – Material was made to be both comfortable and long-lasting.


  • Surface – Surface may be to hard if you don’t like firm beds.
  • Insulation – Without padding, the bed will have a chilly surface. A blanket will solve this problem and the hard surface problem.
  • Weight – It weighs around 30 pounds when inflated so it’s not easy to carry around.

Final Serta Raised Air Mattress ReviewSerta Raised Queen Mattress

The Serta Raised Air Mattress can be a great air mattress for you if you like firm air mattresses. If you don’t like firm mattresses then this bed could be uncomfortable for you.

It has a lot of quality material that makes it easy to rest in. It is really sturdy and does not move around whenever you move around on it. If you plan on camping with this bed then you will need a 110v plug to get it inflated.

Serta Raised Air Mattress Review

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