Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 reviewThe Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 is a single sleeping bag, made for even the coldest temperatures. If you plan on going camping or hiking, this sleeping bag will keep you warm during the night.

It is nice and tight to ensure that all of the warm air stays inside and none of the cold air gets in.

Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 Review


This sleeping bag is surprisingly light. You will have no problem carrying it around or backpacking with it. Plus it can be rolled up into a pretty compact size, saving you plenty of space.

But don’t think that because of its low weight, you won’t be kept warm. This bag has the capability to be very lightweight while still being able to keep you warm. Average sleeping bags weight around 5 pounds or more while this one only weighs 2.5 pounds.

This sleeping bag is able to be half the weight of average bags while still having maximum quality. Someone has even confirmed that the bag is lightweight and still extremely warm, just like what the bag advertises.


You can compare this sleeping bag to any other high quality sleeping bag and you will see that the price for this one is less than half of all of the others. Outdoor Vitals has only been making gear for a few years and they are making their way in this industry by providing the best high quality gear for much more affordable prices.

Now you can actually start saving money with this brand since one of their goals is to make these sleeping bags cost much less than others, while keeping the same quality features.


Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 review

Now, everybody is looking for a sleeping bag that will keep them warm and comfortable. The Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 will provide you with both of those features due to its highest quality materials.

Not only that, they also provide you with a nice compression bag. Now, how many of you have had problems with zippers detaching or falling off? I’m sure many of you have.

The Outdoor Vitals sleeping bag comes with YKK zippers. This is one of the biggest zipper companies, so you will never have a problem with this sleeping bag’s zipper. Someone has said even said this is one of the sturdiest zipper’s he’s ever seen!


Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 Features

  • CUT WEIGHT & SAVE SPACE with ultralight highest quality 800 fill power down which makes this bag weight in at 2.5 lbs and compress to 10 x 8 inches!
  • STAY WARMER with HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS. With there direct-to-consumer pricing they are taking the once none affordable bags and making them affordable. 
  • DIRECT TO CONSUMER: Outdoor Vitals sells direct to consumer to save you money! Comparable bags range from $300-600!
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY! At Outdoor Vitals they want you to get the high quality products you deserve. That’s why they offer all there customers a lifetime warranty on all products!!
  • OUTDOOR VITALS is only a couple of years old, but has dramatically changed the outdoor industry helping over 10,000+ outdoor enthusiasts.

Customer Thoughts

One customer has said that they love this sleeping bag. The temperatures got to as low as 30 degrees during her trip and she was actually hot while inside of this sleeping bag.

Another customer has said that for the low price this bag comes for, it blows its competitors away. Most sleeping bags with this much quality comes for around $300+. This bag keeps all of those quality features while remaining at an affordable price.

On the bad side, one customer has had their zipper break on his first use. This is the only person to have had this problems so it most likely won’t occur with you.


  • Price – The price for other sleeping bag that provide these features are worth two or three times more than the Outdoor Vitals Summit 20.
  • Warmth – You are guaranteed to stay warm even down to 20 degree weather, due to the quality fabric.
  • Compact – Can get very compact if needed and makes it very easy to travel or backpack with.
  • Weight – Very lightweight compared to other sleeping bags. Again, this is a very good sleeping bag to backpack with.


  • Size – Obviously if you are a big person, you will not fit inside of this sleeping bag. If you are of average weight, this isn’t really a con for you.

My Final Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 Review

Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 reviewThis Outdoors Vitals Summit 20 is well worth the price if you are in need of a single sleeping bag. Even on the coldest days, you will be warm and comfortable while sleeping in this bag.

Many other people have said that they were much warmer in this sleeping bag then their family members that were in other types of sleeping bags.

This shows that this bag has a lot of promise with it and will try it’s best to make you truly comfortable.

Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

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