Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Reviewmorrison mountain 2

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is one of the best tents made my mountainsmith.

Mountain Smith has been in the backpacking world for several years.

They eventually started making high quality tents and the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is one of them.

It is an easy backpacking tent that can quickly be set up.

The max time it should take someone to set one up is 3 minutes.

The Design

mountainsmith morrison 2It has great ventilation as advertised and is extremely lightweight.

  • Criss cross pole system
  • Clips go straight onto the poles
  • Free Standing
  • Two big doors that are easy to get in and out of


It can be setup on any type of terrain like rock ledge and hardpan.


  • Gear loft provides extra storage space
  • 3 Big Pockets in each corner
  • 3 Seasons
  • Velcro Vents that can increase ventilation even more
  • Includes a Rain Fly

About Mountainsmith Morrison 2

Moutainsmith has been making camping gear for 30+ years.

The Moutainsmith Morrison 2 has 35 square feet of inside space.

There is enough room for 2 people to fit comfortably inside. Not only that but with all the features for this tent, It is well worth more then what it is priced at so take advantage of this great deal.

My Review

best backpacking tentThe Moutainsmith Morrison 2 has a great design which is why It could easily be set it up and taken apart.

Its very light and has all the features that you would expect from a great tent.

You can use it in snow, wind, and rain and the rainfly will keep you dry.

Even when used it in the sun, it stays cool enough for you to be relax.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Review