intex pillow rest raised airbedThe Intex Twin Pillow Rest Classic Bed will provide you with great comfort. The built-in pillow rest will give great support to your neck and head so you will not have any pain problems.

It is a twin sized bed so you will not have a problem fitting this airbed inside of your tent.

Not only does this bed feel nice, but it also has stunning looks. Here are the features that make it one of the best airbeds.

Intex Twin Pillow Rest Raised Airbed Review


Just from looking at this airbed, you will see that it looks like quality. It is a double layered wave-beam construction. Since this bed is double layered, it does have some weight to it. You will notice that it’s quite heavy when you first get it.

The best way to describe this bed is above average. It’s not something you can compare to other super high quality beds. But for its price, it does what it was made for. And that is to provide you with a comfortable place to sleep.

The bed will feel very smooth and comfortable. Comfortable enough to sleep without any sheets! Even if you do use sheets, you will be fine. The material helps to grip the sheet in place so that it’s hard to pull off.

For the price you are not only getting something that is usable. It will also be very durable and comfortable.


This airbed has a higher lifespan of the Intex Comfort Plush Airbed. You can expect a lifespan of over six months with this bed. Someone has even been using this airbed everyday for the past six months and it can still stay fully inflated.

So you can be assured that it will last a long time if you only plan on using it for occasional camping trips. It does a good job of keeping air in for around seven days. You won’t have to re-inflate this bed every night due to air loss unless you want it to be 100% firm every night.

A couple of people have done a bounce test to see how durable this bed is. They had there kids jump all over their bed for a while to see how strong it was. The bed passed the test and stayed perfectly intact. This bed was made to withstand any accidental punctures of tears.


intex pillow rest raised airbedThis airbed came with a special built-in headrest. It was made to sit up which makes it completely different from sleeping on a normal bed.

You can take advantage of this because you won’t have to bring your own pillows.

This could save you a bit of space to bring other supplies with you. You might think that you could bring your own pillows but that isn’t a good idea. An added pillow will be to tall and will result it pain on your neck.

This airbed is a bit taller than average airbeds. You won’t have any problems feeling to low to the ground while getting ready to sleep.

Intex has done a nice job of making sure that storage doesn’t become a problem for you. This airbed comes with its own carrying bag just encase it doesn’t fit back inside the original box. You can either fight to get it back in the box, or you can put it in its carrying bag.

The bag is much easier to store inside. This airbed seals up great around the valve so you won’t have any problems with air leaks.


  • Inflate/Deflate – Inflation and deflation is very simple. You will need your own pump for outdoor use. If you have an outlet by you then you can use the built-in pump.
  • Air – This airbed doesn’t leak as often as other airbeds. You can expect it to be inflated for around a week before it needs more air.
  • Height – The height isn’t to close to the ground. Intex does a great job of increasing the height compared to other airbeds.
  • Storage – You can either use the box it came in or the storage bag. They are both easy to carry. The storage bag is easier to pack.
  • Built In Pillow – You can enjoy the built-in head rest. It is perfect because you don’t have to bring your won pillows. It is pretty comfortable and easy to get used to.
  • Soft/Comfortable – The material is very soft and comfortable. You will not have a hard time trying to fall asleep with this airbed.
  • Price – For the price, this airbed is a great deal. Some airbeds cost more than this one and can’t even perform as good.
  • Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed Kit – There is a kit that is perfect for fixing and patches. This can happen if you bring along any animals. Specifically, dogs and cats. They have the ability to tear with their nails. The easiest thing to fix these punctures with are the kit.


  • Smell – You will smell a strong scent of rubber when you first receive this airbed
  • Wavy – The wavy surface may not be comfortable for some people. If this becomes a problem then it is best to lay in between the creases.
  • Weight – This is on the heavier side of airbeds. It’s easy to carry but not for long periods of time.

My Final Intex Twin Pillow Rest Raised Airbed Review

intex pillow rest raised airbedOverall the Intex Twin Pillow Rest Classic Bed is a great airbed. You will not have a problem finding comfort while on this bed.

It has plenty of quality material to help you fall asleep at night. It was made to last you a very long time. A minimum of six months. It has the capability to last even longer than that if you take good care of it.

You are getting a great deal on this airbed for its’ price. It’s hard to find an airbed for this low that can give you as much value as this one.


Intex Twin Pillow Rest Raised Airbed Review

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