intex comfort plush airbed review

The Intex Comfort Plush Airbed is a nice upgrade from the Intex Downy Classic Airbed. It was built for home use but it works out great on a camping trip.

This airbed has a lot of quality that makes it very comfortable. It is a decent price and can provide you with a good night’s rest whenever you’re outdoors camping. Here are it’s best features that make it such a good airbed.

Intex Comfort Plush AirBed Review


The Intex Comfort Plush Airbed has a lot of quality material. When it is fully inflated, it actually feels like a real mattress. It has a perfect shape after inflation and gets really solid. This is perfect if you want something that can provide comfort just like your own bed at home.

There is plenty of space to move around on and you won’t feel to high or low to the ground. You will be right in the center for a perfect feel of height.  The best thing about this bed is the fact that it can hold air really well.

It will slowly lose air overtime but that is common with most air mattresses. But this one can hold air longer then most other mattresses. Unlike the Intex Downy Classic Airbed, this airbed comes with a built-in pump.

If you have a source of power then you will be able to use this pump. This is very significant and makes this airbed great for camping. The bed can be inflated in three minutes. You can decide how firm you would like the bed to be.

With deflation, the valve will actually vacuum out the airbed which makes it easy to pack or store away. The airbed will be completely flat so that you can roll it up.

intex comfort plush airbed reviewDurable

This airbed is very durable and stable. This has been tested by many buyers. If you walk on the bed (not that you should) , you will not feel any sway.

This gives you a nice flat stable surface for you to relax on. This bed can stay inflated for four days before you notice any significant change in air.

The edges are not rounded off which helps this bed imitate an actual bed.

This actually prevents you from rolling off as easy. The material is very strong so you will have a hard time puncturing or tearing this bed. So any accidents are much less likely to happen.

The material also looks nice and strong so that is a small bonus. You will have to inflate this bed a couple (2-3) times before it gets fully firm. This airbed provides a lot of value for its price and is good enough for anybody looking for a queen sized airbed.


You will not have a problem getting comfort with this airbed. Many have agreed that this airbed feels like a real mattress. Since it gets so solid, it actually starts to feel even better as more air gets out.

It starts out extremely firm, and it decreases as time goes on. This is a good thing because this airbed can get more solid than you would want it to. So the more you lay on this bed, the more comfortable you will get.

You will get great support on your back, legs, and arms on this bed. You will not feel any pain or discomfort as this be does a great job of supporting each of your body parts.


  • Built In Pump – If you have a source of power then you can use the built-in pump to get you bed up and ready in three minutes.
  • Holding Air – This bed can hold air inside for a few days before you have to re inflate. You will be able to sleep without having to worry if this bed will deflate during your nap.
  • Good Quality – There is plenty of high quality material that help this airbed clone an actual mattress. You will feel just like you’re at home while using this airbed while camping.
  • Curved Edges – There are curved edges to help keep your sheets in place. This will help prevents your sheets from coming off so often.
  • Durable – You will be able to keep this bed inflated for four days. It will be able to last you six months before you have to go looking for a new airbed.


  • Noise – There is a noticeable sound of plastic while moving around in this bed. The noise of the bed inflating is also pretty loud but that really isn’t an issue.
  • Power – You can only take advantage of the built-in pump if you have a source of power (outlet). If you don’t have power then you can still bring your own electric air pump.

My Final Intex Comfort Plush Airbed Reviewintex comfort plush airbed review

The Intex Comfort Plush Airbed is a great queen sized airbed. It can last you around half a year and provide you with lots of comfort. It cost less than most of your high quality airbeds.

This is a great deal that you can take advantage of. It is very firm but you have the ability to put less air in to match what you are comfortable with. The built-in pump is very easy to use.

It can suck up all of the air which will make this airbed very easy for you to pack away. This is a nice air mattress that you can bring along on your camping trip.

Intex Comfort Plush AirBed Review

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