The Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress is one of the popular high quality mattresses.

It has an amazing feeling and can be perfect for any camping trip. It is a queen size so it could fit in any decent sized family tent or RV.

Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress Review

NeverFlat AC Pump

Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress Info(2)This Insta-Bed comes with a built-in pump that is different from many others. It has the ability to maintain air throughout the night. So while you are sleeping, you will always be at the comfort level that you set the pump to. This is great for two reasons.

  • 1 – You can relax on a firm bed for the whole night if you wanted to.
  • 2 – The bed will never be deflated or low on air by the time you wake up.

You might be thinking that this pump must be extremely loud. You would be wrong.

This pump is very silent and you won’t hear a thing while you’re sleeping.

To use this pump while outdoors, you will need a source of power by you so that you could plug this in. If you don’t have any then i would highly recommend looking for a portable power battery. You could use this with any airbed that you get and should be one of your essential camping supplies.


The height has been adjusted to make it easier for you to get in and out of the bed. Normally, you would have to crawl to get into bed. With the extra height, you will have a smoother transition while getting in bed.

It’s also perfect for getting out. If you have any pain problems, you won’t have to fight your way up from the floor. With this added height, you will already be 18 inches up. Making it easier for you to stand up. Just think about it like a real mattress, cause that’s really what it tries to be.

You will not have the feeling of sleeping on the floor with the Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress. Any standard queen sized sheets will fit this airbed. There is a special material on the top that will hold the bedding in place.


  • Never Flat Pump – You will never wake up to a flat-bed with this built-in pump. Sleeping will be very easy when you are on a stable/firm mattress
  • Height – The height makes it easy to get on or off the bed without any problems.
  • Comfy – This bed has a decent amount of comfort to it. You can always add some extra sheeting in between if you want something more soft.
  • Durable – This airbed can last you a couple of years if you only use it for camping.
  • Warranty – You will get a free warranty and great customer service. If your mattress gets damaged then you can call up and get it replaced.
  • Holds Weight – Up to 300 pounds can be held on this airbed.
  • Carrying Bag – You will get a carrying bag to store your bed inside of.


  • Packing – Can be difficult to fold up and store away.
  • Weight – This airbed is heavy and can be tedious to carry around for a long period of time.
  • Smell – You should air this bed out as soon as you get it to get rid of the plastic smell.
  • Two People – If two people are sleeping on this bed, you will feel a vibration each time they move.
  • Cold – If it becomes cold, this airbed will also become cold. This can be solved with a mattress topper.

My Final Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Bed Review

Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress With PeopleThe Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress will not disappoint. If you have been using a normal air mattress then this bed will be a great upgrade.

You will experience more comfort due to the material and design.

The extra height will make you feel like you are on a real bed instead of sleeping on the floor.

If you use this while camping then make sure that you have a way to plug-in the built-in pump so you can take advantage of this bed’s best feature.

Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress Review – W/ Never Flat Pump

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