GEERTOP 4-Season Tent Review geertop 4 season tent review

The Geertop 4-Season tent is a very simple, yet effective type of tent. It’s main goal is to be as multi-purpose as possible.

It has quality features and is very easy to backpack with. This tent can hold against rain, snow, and winds. Here below are some of the top quality features.


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4-Season Feature

This tent does a great job of keeping the inside at a desirable temperature. You will not be cold if you are using this tent in the winter.

There is snow skirts in the tent that are made for winter. There is a special structure inside that will boost the thermal performance of this tent. Making it ideal for winter or cold weather usage.

This tent has a custom design made to help the stability. Which also makes it perfect for rain, wind, and even snow. This tent can be used against heavy storms because it is also waterproof. Someone has said that this tent is also good for hot weather. They used it and the ventilation was good enough to keep them cool.


This tent only weighs around 5 pounds, making it easy to carry around. It is impossible to get tired when carrying this thing. You will have an easy trip as long as you bring this with it’s storage bag. The  low weight will make it easy to go camping, hiking, or even traveling.

geertop tent reviewQuality

The tent is light but is still able to have quality material. This tent was made with the customers thought on mind. So they made sure to deliver a high quality, multi-purpose tent.

This tent is capable of protecting you against pretty much anything. The set-up for this tent is also extremely simple. Making this seem like an overall great tent.

One person has said that they loved this tent and the quality. Another person has even said that they couldn’t believe that this brand that they never heard of, produced such a high quality tent. This tent can be compared against other known brand tents and easily be just as good as them!

All Of The Features

  • Excellent 4 seasons tent: Snow Skirt enable for winter use. The mesh with small area in inner tent, enhances the thermal performance.
  • Easy set up: dome tent with simple structure. One person first using this tent is able to set up the tent quickly.
  • High quality : Waterproof, double stitching with tape sealed seams, anti-rain, aluminum poles, UV protection.
  • Portable backpacking tent, Total weight : 5.7 lbs / 2.59kg. package size: 6.3 x 18 x 18inches / 16 x 16 x 46cm. Floor: (23+55+23)x 83inches / (60+140+60) x 210cm. Height: 45.28inches / 115cm.
  • 4-season, 2-person tent. suitable for hiking, climbing, camping in spring summer autumn and winter. very stable, able to anti-wind, anti-rainstorm, anti-snow and anti-sediment.

Other Customer Reviewsgeertop 4 person tent review

One customer has said that they mainly use this tent for the winter season.

It was very effective at keeping out the cold breeze. It got down to 10 degrees and he had no problems keeping most of the cold air out.

Another customer has said that they were able to put it up and take it down in 5 minutes.

On the bad side, one customer has said that they had problems with condensation. Another customer has said that they were experiencing the same problems with condensation.

This might be a problem but there are also reviews saying that they have not experienced any problems with condensation.

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  • Lightweight
  • 4 Seasons – You can use this tent in all weather seasons. Specially made to counter winter weather.
  • Quality – Quality is very good and comes with aluminum poles to fight against the toughest winds.
  • Size – Size is perfect for 1 or 2 people. You can set this tent up alone or with another person and you can both fit inside comfortably.
  • Waterproof – All of the seems are stitched and taped to ensure that rain will not come inside the tent.
  • Stable – This tent can stand against harsh weather without falling apart or getting pushed around.
  • Setup – The setup is extremely easy and can be accomplished within a 5 minute time frame. Dissembling is just as easy as putting it up.


  • Condensation – Some issues were claimed with condensation.
  • Chinese Instructions

My Final Geertop 4-Season Tent Review2 person 4 season tent

Overall, the Geertop 4-Season Tent can perform really well. Besides the minor problems, this tent really provides the features needed for a good camping experience.

It is very light so you can bring it around basically anywhere. And it is really cheap compared to other backpacking tents.

I would recommend this tent if you need a 4 season tent that is easy to setup, easy to carry, and provide the basic features that you need a tent to have.

GEERTOP 4-Season 2-Person Tent Review – Backpacking Tent

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