Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag review

The Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag is very similar to the Coleman Green Valley sleeping bag. The main difference is that it has way more room.

Allowing you to be able to fit more comfortably and have move room to stretch. This sleeping bag is great for 30 – 50 degree temperatures, making it great for cool weather camping.

Here is the main features that separates this sleeping bag from the other Coleman sleeping bags.

Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag Review


This sleeping bag was purposely made to be over-sized. There is enough space for 1 person, with some excess room. If you are somebody that likes to change positions in their sleep, this sleeping bag is perfect for you.

Most of the Coleman sleeping bags had a max recommended height of 5 feet 11″.  One person was 6 feet 3″and he was just fine inside of this sleeping bag. So overall, this sleeping bag is perfect for anyone that is to big for the smaller sleeping bags, or if you want to take advantage of the extra room.

You will be able to freely move around without having the feeling of being trapped. One person has even said that they hate sleeping bags that keep them constrained. She loved the fact that she could move around freely while sleeping in the bag.


Most of the other Coleman Sleeping bags like Brazos And Palmetto, are very hard to get compact. The Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag does a much better job of getting compressed. This still doesn’t make it a good sleeping bag to backpack with, but it does make it easier for storage.

The straps on here are more improved to make things easier for you. They are also easier and stronger than other Coleman’s other sleeping bag’s straps.

All Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag Features

  • 100% Polyester with fill 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Oversized cool weather sleeping bag designed for 30 to 50 degree weather.
  • Zip plow prevents zipper snags by plowing fabric away from zipper, roll control locks bag in place for easier rolling.
  • Certified temperature rating independently tested for accuracy, zipper glide tailoring allows smooth zipper operation around corner.
  • Includes limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Comfort cuff surrounds your face with softness.
  • Fiber lock prevents insulation from shifting, increasing durability, thermo lock reduces heat loss through zipper.
  • Dimensions : 39 in. x 84 in. (99 cm x 213.36 cm)
  • For heights up to 5 ft. 11 in.

ProsColeman White Water Sleeping Bag review

  • Oversized – This sleeping bag is made to give you a lot of extra room so that you don’t feel trapped while you’re sleeping.
  • Comfortable – You will be comfortable in cool weather while sleeping inside of this bag.
  • Machine Wash – You will not have to wash this by hand like some other sleeping bags.
  • Quality – There is quality material to insure that you stay warm and comfortable at the same time.
  • Price – The price is a little higher than the other Coleman sleeping bags, but it is worth it if you want the extra room.
  • Blanket – This sleeping bag has the capability to be unzipped all of the way to become a blanket, if needed.


  • No Carrying Bag – There is no carrying bag, making it hard to backpack with. It is more ideal for car camping.
  • Big – This sleeping bag is even bigger than Coleman’s other sleeping bag’s so it takes up even more space.

My Final Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag Review Coleman White Water cool weather Sleeping Bag review

This sleeping bag is perfect for cool weather camping. If you want a more roomy type of sleeping bag, then the Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag is something that you should consider.

It has some of the best materials to help keep you warm and comfortable. It is best for casual camping in below average weather.


Coleman White Water Sleeping Bag Review

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