Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Screened Tent Review

coleman weathermaster 6 person screened tentRight now you are probably looking for a great tent to fit all of your needs. The Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Screened Tent might be just right for you.

It has all the best features and can make your camping experience much more enjoyable.

Many of us have probably been in a tent that we had to crawl around in or it was hard to stand up in. That is not the case with this tent. You will have room to do anything you need and be able to walk around freely.

And as a bonus, this tent is good for most weather conditions. This tent is not so good for cold weather and can easily let cold air in. So winter is not an option with this tent. But what this tent can handle is heavy rain, wind, mud. When it gets hot, the ventilation is good enough to keep the tent as cool as possible

There are more reasons to why the Coleman Weathermaster tent is one of the best family tents.

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What does it have?

It has two large rooms that everyone can comfortably fit inside. So you will no longer have to fight for space as you will all have enough. This tent also has a nice center height of 6 feet 11″ so everyone will be able to walk around.

This tent is ideal for a family of 4-6. If you have less then 6, you will all have so much room to enjoy and not ever have to worry about space. Even if you bring your supplies inside the tent, along as they are neat, you will still have plenty of room to walk an sleep.

There is two huge doors on each side of the tent. They each have a zipper that you pull to open. Then you can easily leave or walk into the tent.

There is even a floor less screen to allow for all the extra ventilation you need to guarantee that you won’t get hot. So if ventilation was a worry for you, this tent does a great job of taking care of it.

There is a huge storage space that you can put any needed things inside to so you can have all the room inside the tent, dedicated to you.

The best part…

This tent is great, weather you are eating, sleeping, or there is rain or shine, this tent will give you a great experience.

Now you’re probably wondering…

How long does it take to setup the Coleman Weathermaster

It is quick an simple thanks to the two color coded poles and continuous pole sleeves:coleman weathermaster 6

  • shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • an exclusive pin-and-ring design
  • InstaClip attachments.

What should you expect

  1. No rain. This tent was made to be waterproof with a special Weathertec system. The most important parts of the tent is leak-proof so rain will never get inside the tent. This tent guarantees that you will have a dry camping trip if you start to experience rain.
  2. Easy and fast setup. Your first time setting up this tent will take you longer. But that is expected with all tents. The more you do it, the faster you will become. This tent will only take an average of 5-10 minutes once you master it and have somebody helping you.
  3. Big Rooms. This tent is huge an has all the room that you could possibly need. You can fit to queen sized air beds and still have room to move around in. Just know, that space will not bean issue with this tent
  4. Safe from most weather conditions. You will be safe from everything besides cold weather and snow. But besides the winter season, this tent is simply outstanding for everything else. It will handle rain, mud, an winds in the fall, It will easily handle the heat from summer and spring.
  5. Stable enough to handle tough winds. Tough winds will not knock this tent down. This tent is sturdy enough to be held into place so you don’t have to worry about losing this tent.
  6. Nice cabin like feel. Since this tent is so large, it has a nice cabin like feel to it that you can enjoy. So if you like cabins, you would like this feature as a bonus.

Quick Overview

weathermaster 6 person screened tent
The more people you have with you to help build, the easier it will be. The first time can take up to 20 minutes but once you get the hang of it, it can be done in 5-10 minutes.

If you wanted to have an image of how big each room is, the dimensions are 17×9.

 It has two large rooms that everybody will enjoy spending time in.


The assembly instructions can be a bit confusing but you will be able to figure it out with a little bit of thinking

 If it is raining heavily, some rain may start coming in. (Advice for that below)


 You should have at least one other person helping you build. But if you are by yourself it is still doable. Everything is easier with a partner or two. But if you have to do this by yourself, don’t worry about it because you can do it.

 If you use your Rain Fly then you will be 100% safe from the rain. The Coleman Weathermaster is already made to be waterproof and stop rain. But with the rainfly, you will have 2x the protection which will guarantee that you have a dry camping experience 

 Buy a set of real stakes since this it only comes with plastic stakes. The plastic stakes will be alright but if you want to be sure that your tent stays glued to the ground, you will need some stronger stakes.


  • polyester
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Two-room tent sleeps up to six campers comfortably thanks to 17-by-nine (W x D) footprint and 6 ft. 10 in. center height
  • Floor-less screened room provides extra ventilation on warm days, great place for meals and gathering, rain or shine, and protected storage space
  • Proprietary WeatherTec System with series of interworking features guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable
  • 75-denier polyester taffeta fly, 68-denier polyester mesh inner tent, and 1,000-denier polyethylene floor; 11-millimeter fiberglass poles
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Bonus – Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Person Tent With LED Light

This is another version of the Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Screened Tent. If you like lights and want to glow in the dark then you should check out some of it’s following features.

  • polyester taffeta 75Dcoleman elite weathermaster 6 person screened tent
  • Imported
  • Illuminated wall switch lets you select between high, low and nightlight modes without getting up
  • Runtime: 26 hours (high), 65 hours (low), 81 hours (nightlight)
  • Screen room for bug-free lounging
  • WeatherTecTM system – patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out

About Coleman

Coleman has been making the best products for over 100 years. They always produce high quality products for there customers that are affordable. All Coleman products come with a warranty against defects in there products. This Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person tent Specifically comes with a 1 year warranty.

Other Customer Reviews

One customer has said that it is very roomy and easy to stand up in. The swinging door was very convenient for her kids and they loved the bottomless screened in section. Another customer has said that this is a great family tent.

On the bad side, one customer has said that is difficult to put up. The instructions might can be hard to follow but it is possible.

Another person has said that without the rainfly, rain has leaked inside. Make sure to put on the rainfly while using this tent.

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  • WeatherTec System
  • Roomy Tent
  • Can handle some heavy weather
  • Plenty Of Ventilation
  • Easy to Walk Around
  • Screen Room
  • Easy To set up



  • Bad instructions
  • Plastic Stakes
  • Can Get Chilly In really Cold Weather.


My Verdict


Overall this is a decent product with a quick and easy setup.weathermaster 6 person tent

Also for the fact that it can fit 6 people and protect you from bad weather.

What else can be better?

I fully recommend buying the Coleman Weathermaster 6 as it is great and will pass your expectations.



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