Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag Review

The Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag is one of the best cool weather sleeping bags. It is very similar to the Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag. The main difference is the material and quality inside.

Making this one only for 30 degree temperature, while the Brazos sleeping bag can handle 20 degree temperature.

This sleeping bag still has the ability to keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping outdoors.

Here are some of the features that make this sleeping bag another best seller.

Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag Review

Three Seasons

This is a three season sleeping bag, but it can handle some cold weather. Compared to Coleman’s other sleeping bag, this one can only handle up to 30 degree temperatures. This is still pretty good, considering that it can still handle some cold weather.

This sleeping bag comes with an advance system that prevents heat from leaving the bag. So once you are nice and warmed up, all of the heat will be staying with you. You will also be comfortable since this sleeping bag is filled with 100% cotton and 100% Polyester.

It is mainly good for spring and summer, but also has the capability to be useful in fall also. So you can use this sleeping bag all year round (Except Winter). One person even agreed that this sleeping bag is perfect for casual camping from spring – fall.


This sleeping bag comes with a lot of value for such a low price. If you are a beginner or someone looking to save some money, then this sleeping bag is perfect for you. The best time to bring this sleeping bag along is when the temperature is around 40 degrees. That way, you won’t get to hot or to cold while sleeping inside.

If it gets to hot then you can unzip the bag. If it is cold then you should already have the sleeping bag zipped up all the way. Someone was actually surprised that a sleeping bag for this low price and high quality actually existed!

Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag ReviewQuality

The Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag was made to keep you as warm as possible, while using the most quality materials at the cheapest price.

This bag comes with several advance features that helps boost it’s performance of keeping you warm. It has quality material all around to make you as comfortable as possible.

It is also very durable. So that it can last a very long time before having to buy another one. And when that time comes, it will only cost you around $20! The amount of things this sleeping bag can do for its price is hard to find somewhere else.


Someone has even said that they couldn’t wait to use this sleeping bag, and she actually loved it after using it.

 Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag Features

  • 100% Polyester with fill 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Three-season sleeping bag is ideal for cool weather camping
  • Durably constructed of polyester cover with soft tricot liner; three pounds of ColeTherm insulation keep you comfortable down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Thermolock System prevents heat loss through the zipper
  • Completely machine washable; Coleman’s ComfortSmart technology offers numerous features to keep you warm and comfortable
  • Measures 33 by 75 inches (W x D), and comfortably fits most campers up to five feet, 11 inches tall, Roll Control Design makes folding quick and easy ,Zip two together for double the room
  • Includes limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty

Customer Thoughts

One customer has said that this sleeping bag performed great during his first trip. It got very cold at his location and the sleeping bag was able to keep him warm and comfortable.

Another customer even said that the same thing regarding how comfortable it is. He loved the fact that he could adjust the zipper just encase it started to get hot. He also enjoyed the fact that he could simply wash it with a washing machine instead of having to hand wash it.

On the bad side, one customer has said he was hoping that he could use this for backpacking. It didn’t compress well and it was hard to fit back inside of the bag.

Another customer was unhappy that he couldn’t fit inside. He was over the recommended height of 5 feet 11 and had a hard time getting in.

If you are taller than the recommended height then you should be looking for a different sleeping bag.


  • Cheap – This sleeping bag is highly affordable; Perfect for beginners looking for something new to try out.
  • Quality – You will be kept nice and warm due to the high quality materials.
  • Warm – You will be kept warm, even from 30 degree temperatures
  • Comfortable – You will always be comfortable with this sleeping bag due to its cotton filling.
  • Connectable – You can connect two of these bags together. So if you have a partner, you can attach the two bags and enjoy being close to one another.


  • Not Compact – It is difficult to put back inside of the bag. Closing the carrying bag zipper is the main issue
  • Color – The color that this sleeping bag comes with is a darker red then what is shows on display
  • No Head Rest – There is no comfy head rest but you can always bring some pillows instead!

My Final Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag Review

Overall, the Coleman Palmetto sleeping bag is perfect for casual camping. If you plan on going out and the weather isn’t to crazy, you will have a wonderful time using this sleeping bag.

It does what most other sleeping bags do, but for such a lower price. It really is a great deal that you can take advantage of.

You will be warm and comfortable while using this sleeping bag, and that is guaranteed. If you plan on getting one, you will not be disappointed.


Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag Review

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