coleman green valley sleeping bag reviewThe Coleman Green Valley Sleeping is perfect for cool – warm weather. Is has a lot of similarities to the Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag. The Palmetto was mainly used for 30-40 degree temperature.

The Coleman Green Valley can handle 30-50 degree temperature, making it a more viable option.

Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag Review


Coleman has specifically designed this sleeping bag to be able to keep as much heat as possible. The only way that you would get cold while using this bag, is if it gets below 30 degrees.

This sleeping bag actually does a good job and does what it advertises. There is a special lock that prevents most of the heat from leaving the sleeping bag. Enabling you to be able to keep the heat that you’ve built up. There is also a special comfort cuff that is extremely soft and to be used as a pillow.

With this sleeping bag, you are sure to be warm and comfortable at the same time. One person has said that the quality was superb and it kept him really warm in cold temperatures.


You would think that something so cheap wouldn’t last long right? Well that is not the case with this sleeping bag. You will no longer have to go out and buy another sleeping bag month after month. This sleeping bag will actually last you some years, thanks to the fiberlock construction.

Now you can save some money by just sticking with one sleeping bag, instead of having to buy several over the years. Even the zippers were made to be top-notch. So there is a very low chance of it falling apart on you. Overall, all of the material in this bag is made with quality to insure that you will get the most comfort out of your sleep.

Someone has even said that he has had this sleeping bag for years and he recommended it for anybody looking to save some money.

coleman green valley sleeping bag reviewPrice

Many other quality sleeping bag’s would cost you hundreds of dollars. You can get this one for less than half of that price. This sleeping bag is very affordable and easy to use. If any beginner is looking for a sleeping bag that they could use, this one would be a good candidate.

It might not be the best high quality sleeping bag, but for its price, it can do a really good job of keeping you warm. The Coleman Green Valley is more of a casual sleeping bag but it is still perfect for cool weather.



Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag Features

  • 100% Polyester with fill 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • For temperatures 30⁰ F to 50⁰ F
  • Fits most heights up to 5 ft. 11 in.; Dimensions: 33 x 75 in
  • Fiberlock Construction prevents insulation from shifting, extending life of your sleeping bag
  • The No-Snag patented zipper plows fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags
  • Thermolock System reduces heat loss through the zippers

Customer Thoughts

coleman green valley sleeping bag reviewOne customer has said that is the sleeping bag that he was always looking for.

Out of all of the sleeping bags hes slept with, this was the best one. It got down to 40 degrees in on of his trips and he was kept warm and comfortable.

Another customer has even said that this sleeping bag is a must buy! He was very warm and was able to avoid sweating, due to the cotton lining.

On the bad side, one customer has said that the sleeping bag does not get compact while rolling it up. Making it hard to backpack with. Other customers have also mentioned that they never received a carrying sack with they’re sleeping bag. If you contact Coleman, they would offer to get one to you.


  • Warm – You will have no issues with being cold while sleeping inside of this bag
  • Cheap – This sleeping bag is very affordable so that everyone can try one if they were looking for something decent and new.
  • Comfortable – It is very easy to get comfortable in this sleeping bag with the cotton lining.
  • Durable – Many people have gotten this bag to last them for years before having to look for a new one.
  • Quality – The quality is really great considering how low-priced it is.


  • Carrying Sack – For some reason, they decided not to give you a carrying sack. They give you a simple string to tie around instead.
  • Not Compact – This sleeping bag is not easy to compress so backpacking may not be an option
  • Straps – The straps are difficult to tie up. But once you get it one, it will hold together quite nice.

My Final Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag Review

coleman green valley sleeping bag reviewOverall the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag does it’s job. It will keep you nice and warm while still making you comfortable.

It was made to last you a very long time so that you don’t have to always be looking for a new one. This sleeping bag was mainly built for cool weather.

So if it’s not to cold outside (below 30 degrees) then this would be a great sleeping bag to bring along. You’ve got nothing to lose due to its very affordable price.

Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag Review

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