Coleman Big Basin Sleeping BagThe Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag is specialized for extreme weather camping.

This really is a sleeping bag that you should consider if you plan on camping during the winter.

This sleeping bag will keep you nice and comfortable while camping in 0-20 degree weather.

You will not have a problem in cold weather if you carry this sleeping bag around. Here are it’s best features.

Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag Review


The quality that comes with this sleeping bag is outstanding. It was made to satisfy anybody that uses it. If you are as tall as 6 feet 6″ then you can still fit inside with no problem.

There is enough room for you to be able to move around a bit also. Do you like to keep your head warm? Well, the hood was well designed to keep most of the heat inside of the sleeping bag. Enabling you to be able to stay warm from head to toe.

Many of the cold spots in this sleeping bag has been fully covered so that you will not have random breezes of air coming in. Someone has even said that the quality was perfect for the price.


This sleeping bag is able to handle weather anywhere from 0-20 degrees. Finding a mummy sleeping bag that can handle low temperatures is a hard find. If you are in a decent 4 season tent, then you should be completely fine while sleeping inside this bag.

There is enough material inside of the Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag to keep you comfortable and warm. There are special tubes throughout the bag to help prevent heat loss through the zipper. Overall, you will not get cold inside of the Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag.

It doesn’t get high praises for nothing. One person has claimed to be warm even though the temperature was way below freezing.

All Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag Features

  • 100% Polyester with fill 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • For temperatures 0⁰ F to 20⁰ F
  • Big and tall design for heights up to 6 ft. 6 in.
  • Diamond ripstop polyester cover and polyester liner
  • Wide bottom for room to move your legs
  • Semi-sculpted hood helps lock in heat
  • Quilting construction eliminates potential cold spots
  • Thermolock™ full-length draft tube prevents heat loss through the zipper
  • Two-way no-snag patented zipper plows fabric away from the zipper
  • Unzip the bottom for extra ventilation on warmer nights
  • Stuff sack for quick and easy storage
  • 5-year limited warranty

Why You Should Consider This Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is only needed if you plan on doing some extreme weather camping. That way, it will perform best at keeping you warm in low temperatures.

It is not needed for higher temperatures but if it does get too warm, you can always unzip the bag. If you need something cheap that can keep you safe, then you should consider this sleeping bag. If you are looking for something more casual, then you can check this out.


  • Warm – Staying warm will never be an issue while inside of this sleeping bag
  • Size – The size is big enough to people over 6 feet. You will have plenty of space to move around or stretch in.
  • Comfortable – The material is 100% Polyester so you will have no problems feeling cozy.
  • Space – Most mummy bags are made in a way that you can’t move around. That is definitely not the case with this sleeping bag. You will be able to have more than enough space to move around and get in the comfortable position that you desire.


  • Heavy – Since this sleeping bag is large, it is also quite heavy. It is not recommended to go backpacking with unless you bring your own compression sack.
  • Zippers – The zipper seems to be of cheap material.

My Final Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag ReviewColeman Big Basin Sleeping Bag Review

Overall, the Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag is pretty good for its price. It does what it promises and is best for extreme weather.

If you need something to keep you warm in cold temperatures then you can check out this sleeping bag. It has high quality material to ensure that you can get comfortable at night.

There is plenty of room for one person to sleep in, thanks to the big and tall design. There is even extra room all around, just encase you like to move around.

Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag Review

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