Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent review

The Coleman Red Canyon Tent is one of the bigger sized tents made for larger families. It has three separate rooms for you all to share.

It even has three different colors for you to choose from.

If you need a large and good quality tent then you should look into the Coleman Red Canyon. Here are some of the best features below.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent Review


For such a large tent, it is really easy to set-up. It can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes if you are with another person. It is more difficult to do this by yourself but it is still possible. One person claimed that they were able to set this up by themselves in 30 minutes.

They admitted that some parts were difficult but in the end, they got the tent up. Some parts were also very easy to build. You would set this tent up how you would generally set up other tents (Spreading it out and piecing everything together.


This tent has a great performance going against mild winds and rain. You will get a rain fly that will help to protect you against rain. So when it starts to rain you will be perfectly dry while being inside of the tent. You will also be safe against strong winds since this is a very sturdy tent. It will hold up well against some very tough winds.

Someone said that as long as you stake down the tent correctly, you will not have any problems with wind. He even said that it was continuously raining and not a drop got inside the tent. He could feel a puddle from under the tent but it didn’t leak inside.

Coleman Red Canyon Features

  • Family camping tent can accommodate eight campers; measures 17 by 10 feet with a 72-inch center height
  • Included room dividers allow you to create three separate rooms
  • Coleman’s exclusive Weathertec System is guaranteed to keep you dry from unexpected wet weather on your camping trip
  • Tent setup is easy with its shock-corded poles and easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system allows you to adjust airflow and access gear

coleman red canyon tent reviewsCustomer Thoughts

One of the customers has said that it started poring heavily outside and not a drop of rain got in.

It was a great upgrade from their recent tent that didn’t live up to their expectations. They also liked the extra storage pouches around the ceiling.

Another customer has said that it this tent is a great deal considering how big it is, compared to the price. They were able to fit in queen sized air mattresses and other gear that they had. They still had plenty of room and to top it off, it was really easy to set up.

On the bad side, one customer has said that this tent didn’t work out well in really cold weather. He admitted that it was great when it was sunny or raining, just not in the cold. Another customer has said that it was hard to stick the tent back inside of the bag. He also mentioned that the tent did not come with the hammer that was supposed to come with it.


  • Easy Set Up – You can set this tent up very easily without many problems
  • Big Size – Tent is very roomy and spacious. Perfect for a family size of 4-8
  • Waterproof – Tent comes with a rain fly to help stop rain from pouring inside
  • Heavy Floor – Floor is heavy so you will not need a tarp
  • Good Quality – This tent was made with quality material to hold against mild weather and usage
  • Price – Comes with a lot of room and features for such a low price
  • Ventilation – Ventilation is good enough to keep you cool. One Person has said that they were camping and it was 90 degrees outside. All of the vents helped to keep the tent very cool inside.


  • Cold weather – Can become chilly if the weather gets cold.
  • Weak Stakes – Stakes are worth upgrading
  • Bag Size – Hard to fit this tent back the way it was packed.

My Final Review Of The Coleman Red Canyon TentColeman red canyon tent review

Overall the Coleman Red Canyon Tent is well worth the price. It comes with a lot of great features including 3 separate rooms, plenty of ventilation, and much more. You and your family would love all of the space inside of this tent. It can keep you dry and protect you against some most bad weather days.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent Review

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