These 6 tents are all under $200

The best thing about them is their high quality and ability to last a very long time.

If you’re going to be spending in the $100-$200 price range, you want to make sure that the tent you get is worth your money.

Take a look here if you only want tents below $100!

Below you will see the best options available for you.

Top 6 Best Tents Under $200

PictureTent NameDimensionWeightCapacitySeasons
PictureTent NameDimesionWeightCapacitySeasons
1 Person Tent Under $200ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr86 x 44 x 36 inches3.6 lbs1 Person3 Seasons
2 Person Tent Under $200Mountainsmith Morrison43 x 92 x 56 inches5lbs 9oz2 Person3 Seasons
4 Person Tent Under $200Coleman Hooligan24.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches11.6 lbs4 Person3 Seasons
6 Person Tent Under $200Coleman Steel Creek168 x 120 x 68 inches19 lbs6 Person3 Seasons
8 Person Tent Under $200Coleman Montana27 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches22.3 lbs8 Person3-4 Seasons
9 Person Tent Under $200CORE 27 x 9 x 9 inches20 lbs9 Person3 Seasons

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr (1 Person Tent Under $200)

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Person TentThe Alps Mountaineering Zephyr is a really great one person tent. You will be surprised at how easy it is to set up or take down due to the two aluminum pole design. It can be done very quickly, in 5 minutes or less.

There is plenty of space for 1 person and even enough room for your supplies. This tent is very spacious and gives you a lot of extra space.

This tent is also very good at stopping condensation from building up. It could rain everyday and the tent will have close to no condensation, anywhere. Plus, no rain will get inside either. This tent is able to stand strong against most rainy and windy days.

Ventilation inside of this tent is one of the best features. It has a full 360° mesh wall which allows air circulation throughout the entire tent. There is no flap on the rain fly but if it’s not raining, you could take it off to have a look at the sky.

This tent will also provide a safe place for you to put your boots or shoes whenever you don’t want to wear them. This tent can get pretty compact when being put away and it is a reasonable weight to backpack with.


  • Stability – This tent can withstand all 3 major camping seasons (fall,spring, and summer) with no problem.
  • Quality – The material feels strong and was made to last a long time.
  • Value – This tent was very well made and to get a tent like this would cost 2-3x more. This tent is a great deal.
  • Size – The size is very spacious for 1 person. You will never feel cramped while inside of this tent.
  • Design – This is a free standing tent with a two aluminum pole design. This makes it great for setting it up fast and holding up against bad weather
  • Free Standing – Can stand up on its own.
  • Zippers – Zippers can get stuck sometimes

Mountainsmith Morrison (2 Person Tent Under $200)

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person TentThe Mountainsmiths overall construction is simply outstanding for its price.

This is another free-standing tent which means that it will also have a lot of room and be easy to set up. And to make the setup even easier for you, the poles will be color coded so there would be no error when putting up this tent.

Rainy storms will be no problem for this tent. It could rain for several hours straight and not a single drop of rain will get inside. There could even be puddles of rain surrounding the tent, and none would get inside. Rain isn’t the only thing this tent is good at handling. Wind will also not be a problem for this tent due to the sturdy design.

This tent is already durable enough to last a long time, but you can extend the life time of this tent even more with the tent foot print. This will resist water pooling even more and keep the floor completely dry.

This tent fits back into its original bag very easily, even if it’s not completely rolled up properly. This tent is very easy to take down and get put away.


  • Ventilation – The ventilation is very good even if the rain fly is on or off.
  • Storage – There is a storage pocket in every corner of the tent and even one slightly at the top that can either be used to hang a lantern or store more things.
  • Space – There is definitely enough room for two people and other supplies to be brought inside the tent.
  • Setup – Setup can be done in a few minutes, same with the tear down.
  • Design – Free Standing tents are very easy to set up and disassemble.
  • Free Standing – Can stand up on its own.
  • Vestibules – They are really small and can’t hold many (small) items.
  • Weight – Can be a little heavy and will be noticeably heavy if carried while wet.

Coleman Hooligan (4 Person Tent Under $200)

Coleman Hooligan 4 Person TentEvery part of the Coleman Hooligan tent is constructed very well. The material feels very durable and the overall design was well thought out for this tent.

There are multiple ways to allow ventilation into this tent. If you build the tent without a rain fly then it would be mostly mesh around the tent.

Four adults will be able to fit in here no problem, as long as you don’t bring your gear inside the tent. There is only enough room for four people, not gear.

The vestibule on this tent is actually useful and has enough room for shoes and other footwear. The bottom of the vestibule doesn’t have anything to separate your items from the ground so you would have to place something there if you plan on using it for supplies.

The poles on this tent are very sturdy but if you need it to stand strong against very heavy winds then you will need to upgrade the stakes. The stakes on this tent are pretty good but its better to be safe then sorry!

If you want, you could fit a queen sized air mattress in here. There will be a bit of room all around the mattress if you set it up in the middle of the tent. You can even bring the bed inside and outside the tent if you haven’t set up the vestibule yet.


  • Setup – Very easy to setup and can be done alone.
  • Vestibule – Useful for shoes or cooler.
  • Ventilation – Mesh covering is great and allows airflow all throughout the tent.
  • Space – Plenty of room for 4 people to sleep comfortably
  • Price – This is one of the lowest priced tents here and it’s great for the value it gives.
  • Entrance – You have to crawl into the tent if the rainfly is all the way extended.
  • No hook for lantern placement.



Coleman Steel Creek (6 Person Tent Under $200)

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person TentThis tent may be huge but it can still be put up fairly easily. When done with 2 people, it can be up and ready in just 10 minutes. It can be completely done while alone also, but it will just take a little bit longer to be done.

There is a screen room attached to the front of the tent that can be used for looking outside in a bug free zone, or you can store shoes in the area.

You even have the option to close off the screened area, which will add another layer of protection from you and the bugs.

Rain and wind will be no match for this Coleman tent. It has fiber3d poles which may seem like a bad thing, but they hold up pretty well. A queen air mattress can fit in here with a lot of room to spare.

The ventilation is good and allows a lot of air to get in. And I mean a LOT. It is recommended to use this tent on warmer days due to the amount of air this tent ventilates.

Backpacking would be difficult with this tent due to its large size and weight. It is around 20 lbs. Not something you would want to be carrying for a long time.


  • Screen Room – Extra room that can be used to your liking.
  • Stability – Will not be knocked down by wind or have any water inside the actual tent.
  • Size – Size is great for 5 people. 5 People would be the recommended max but 6 can be possible.
  • Setup – Can be done very easily. Setup times are usually around 10 minutes but it will start to decrease the more you do it.
  • Storage – Easy to pack into carrying case.
  • Screen Room – This room WILL get wet when it rains, bringing in mud and making a mess. It will not get into your main sleeping area so that is not something to worry about. Just don’t have someone or something valuable in there while it is raining.
  • Weight – This tent will be heavy when packed away but that is to be expected from a 6+ person tent.

Coleman Montana (8-Person Tent Under $200)

Coleman Montana 8 Person TentThe Coleman 8-Person tent will definitely not disappoint when it comes to space. 8 People would be a little cramped up but a family of 4-6 would be just great for this tent. Three queen sized air mattresses can fit inside of this tent.

That should give you a better visual of how big this tent actually is. There would be plenty of room to spare so everyone would have their own little free space. You will also be able to stand up in it with no problem.

It will be difficult to set up for the first few times, especially if you decide to do it alone. But it will get easier over time. This tent has an average setup time of around 15-25 minutes so it’s best to practice it a few times before you actually go on a camping trip.

Thunderstorms could be happening in your area and this tent would still stand strong without any problems. The tent will be dry inside, even if 2.5 inches of rain were to pour down around you.

This tent is good at both keeping heat inside or ventilating air throughout. You can adjust the rainfly to you current situation, which will either allow more airflow or have less airflow. Another thing that you could do is bring a portable fan in case it gets too hot, or a portable heater if it gets too cold.


  • Weathermaster Tent – Perfect tent for all weather conditions (Even winter if you have the correct supplies).
  • Ventilation – Tent is able to keep you cool, even in up to 70-90 degree weather.
  • Stability – Tent can withstand wind gust of up to 40 mph without even budging.
  • Space – Plenty of space for large families and enough room for all your gear to fit inside.
  • Height – You can stand in this tent, even if you are a pretty tall person.
  • Customer Support – Coleman is willing to send you a full repair kit if any of the poles were to break (which they shouldn’t).
  • Zipper – Can get stuck if the tent is set up unevenly. Front tent stakes will need to be re positioned.
  • Weight – This tent will be heavy when packed away.
  • Carrying Case – Hard to get tent how it originally arrived inside the carrying case.

CORE (9 Person Extended Dome Tent For Under $200)

CORE 9 Person Dome TentThis tent right here is just enormous. If you don’t think it is big from he pictures, it looks so much bigger in person. This tent is also able to fit in 3 queen sized mattresses, with some room to spare.

This huge tent is also great against windy days or rainy days. Storms will not be a problem while inside of this tent. No leaks will get in and the tent won’t budge an inch.

So you will be getting a sturdy, durable, and huge tent with quality material for under $200! Despite being so big, it’s even easy to assemble or disassemble. If you are tall then you will be able to stand inside of this tent with no problem.

You would have to be over 7 feet tall to hit your head in this tent! This tent will actually fit back inside of its original case. So there will be little to no hassle when trying to put this tent away.

The ventilation in here is also top-notch so you will never get hot in here unless the temperature gets really high. Plus the top can be removed for a look at the stars.


  • Size – The size in this tent if perfect for large families. Nobody will feel cramped, even if you brought in a bunch of supplies or inflatable beds.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation is good enough to keep you cool on warm-hot days.
  • Quality – High quality materials that are made to last a very long time.
  • Carrying Case – You will have no issues putting this tent back inside of the bag.
  • Setup – Can be done fast and has easy to follow instructions.
  • Stakes – Could use an upgrade if you plan on camping in extreme winds
  • Rainfly – Doesn’t completely cover the sides of the tent
  • Weight – Will be heavy when packed away

Best Tent Under $200

There are plenty of options here for you to pick. Decide how much room you need and pick one that matches your needs. They are all guaranteed to be tents under $200!

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