A sleeping bag is a very important accessory while camping out. It might be hard to find one that has a lot of quality, while still being affordable.

This list below will show you the best sleeping bags under $100.

There will be several types including, lightweight, ultralight, backpacking, etc. Hopefully at the end of this list, you will have a sleeping bag that fits your needs.

If you want to get to the best sleeping bag right away then I recommend checking out the Teton Sports Tracker.

After the list, you will see a sleeping bag guide to help you pick out which one is best for you.

Best Sleeping Bags Under $100

PictureSleeping Bag TypeTemp RatingEditor's Rating
PictureSleeping BagTypeTemp RatingEditor's Rating
Teton Sports Tracker Sleeping BagTeton Sports TrackerCheck PriceUltralight5 Degrees9.8
Coleman north rim sleeping bagColeman North RimCheck PriceExtreme Weather15 Degrees9.5
Teton Sports Celsius Sleeping BagTeton Sports CelsiusCheck Price0 Degree0 Degrees9.3
Coleman White Water Sleeping BagColeman White WaterCheck PriceCool Weather30 Degrees9.1
Coleman Big Basin Sleeping BagColeman Big BasinCheck PriceExtreme Weather35 Degrees9.0
Coleman Youth Sleeping BagColeman YouthCheck PriceFor Kids45 Degrees8.9
Ohuhu Double Sleeping BagOhuhuCheck PriceDouble32 Degrees8.8
Coleman Palmetto Sleeping BagColeman PalmettoCheck PriceCool Weather30 Degrees8.8
EcooPro Sleeping BagEcooProCheck PriceWarm Weather50 Degrees8.7
Semoo Comfort Sleeping BagSemoo EnvelopeCheck PriceLightweight43 Degrees8.5

Overview Of Each Sleeping Bag Under $100

Teton Sports Tracker – Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Tracker Sleeping Bag1The Teton Sports Tracker is an ultralight sleeping bag, but it also has the ability to be ultrawarm. This sleeping bag has made sure to take care of any insulation problems. TETON has added the most insulation to where you would most likely need it. Which is by your feet.

This sleeping bag is the highest rated because of its capabilities. Being extremely light while still being able to handle really cold weathers. This sleeping bag will be perfect for most camping trips. It is easy to pack and can get very compact. In the end, this will save you a lot of room.

The hood has three pieces to insure that your face also has maximum warmth. There are special draft tubes that will eliminate all cold spots around the bag. This is one of the mummy style type of bags, which explains why it is so good at keeping you warm.

But what is different with this one is that it provides you with more space so that you can move around more. Usually, mummy style bags are tight. With this one, you will have a bit more freedom to move as you need. The shell is water-resistant so that will help with condensation or spills.

The entire sleeping bag is very durable so it will last a very long time. Even if you accidentally snag or puncture it, you will have a hard time tearing it. TETON has great customer service so if you ever have a problem, they will have your back.

They will do there best to solve your problem and get you back to enjoying the outdoors.

  • Easy To Compress – You will have no problem packing this bag up or finding a place for storage.
  • Backpacking – This is one of the best backpacking sleeping bags under 100 dollars.
  • Quality Material – The fabric feels really good and similar to a fleece sheet. If you ever want to move around, the bag will move with you
  • Pull Cord – It is very sturdy and seems to have no issues
  • Double Stuffed – This sleeping bag is double stuffed near the bottom. You lose heat mainly form your head and feat so this is very important.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight – This sleeping bag only weighs around four pounds so it can be carried around without you getting tired.
  • Tight Hood – If you are tall, the hood may be tight and leave your face exposed
  • Zipper – Gets stuck every once in a while

Coleman North Rim – Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman North Rim Sleeping BagThis Coleman North Rim is an extreme weather sleeping bag built in the mummy style. It is meant to keep you warm during the coldest temperatures. This a great sleeping bag that comes with some of the best quality available.

It is really great all around. You would be very comfortable while sleeping in this sleeping bag. There is 60 ounces of insulation that allows this sleeping bag to handle 15 degree temperature.

It is filled with 100% polyester, so just know that you won’t have a problem getting comfy. Even if you are tall, you will still be able to fit inside due to its high length. This is one of the lowest priced mummy bags that can handle extreme weather. It is a little bulky but it is not heavy.

  • No Cold Spots – Even down to 30 Degrees, no area in this sleeping bag will be cold.
  • Quality – Material looks and feels nice. Doesn’t seem like it will tear easily
  • Adjustment – You can toggle around with the head strap to see which position keeps the most heat in.
  • Size – Comfortable, even for people around 6 feet tall. If you are big in size then the square bottom will be able to help you fit in.
  • Storage – Has a pouch which you can store small things like cell phones, wallets, etc.
  • Bulky – This sleeping bag is very big and is hard to put back inside of the stuff sack. Not recommended for backpacking
  • Zipper – Difficult to zip up.
  • Weight – A little on the heavy side

TETON Sports Celsius – Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Teton Sports Celsius is a 0 degree sleeping bag which is meant to be used during the coldest temperatures. The material is 100% polyester, which is a very durable material. It is on the average side of most sleeping bags, in terms of weight. This sleeping bag weighs around 5 pounds. Most sleeping bags weigh around 3-4 pounds so it’s not that far over the average weight.

This sleeping bag is very roomy so you will be able to stretch and change positions all night. This sleeping bag is perfect for you if you don’t like being trapped while you sleep.

The shell of this sleeping bag is the most durable piece. It has a double taffeta which was made to last you many years if you take care of it right. The comfort of this 0-degree sleeping bag is phenomenal. Why? Because it also has a double layer offset construction.

This will reduce all of the fill compression and allow you to enjoy the comfort. This also keeps all of the air inside so that you will stay warm. Lastly, you can connect two of these sleeping bags together! So if you have a partner with you, you can get two of these and enjoy being next to them. (Read Full Review)

  • Size – The extra large size will provide you with the ability to move around as you please. You will no longer have the feeling of being trapped. Can fit anyone up to 6 feet, 5 inches.
  • Quality – Thick material will provide the maximum comfort and allow you to quickly fall asleep. The interior is really soft so it should be easy to get relaxed. This is one of the best priced sleeping bags with this amount of quality.
  • Easy To Pack – Bag rolls up smoothly and goes right back into the case without any struggle. Case also has great material, including strong straps that will hold the sleeping bag in place.
  • Mummy Style – Head rest is great and can be used as a pillow
  • Warmth – For such a big sleeping bag, it does a great job of keeping the warmth in. You won’t start to sweat or stick to the material either.
  • Pockets –  Has small pockets for belongings like phones.
  • Smell – Bag comes with a strong smell. It’s best to air this out for a few days before use.
  • Zipper – Will Snag every now and then.
  • Weight – A little heavy in weight.
  • Bulky – Since it is over sized, it is bulky and not convenient for carrying around for long periods of time.

Coleman White Water – Best Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman White Water Sleeping BagThe Coleman White Water sleeping bag is great for cool weather camping. It can’t really handle extreme weather but it can hold its weight when it gets a bit cold.

This sleeping bag is actually filled with 100% cotton. So if you have sensitive skin, this could be a better option for you.

Just like the TETON Sports Celsius, this sleeping bag is also very roomy. It was purposely made to be oversized so that you can that extra space. This is best if you like to stretch around or move in your sleep. You will have the full ability to do so.

The design on this sleeping bag was very thought out. The zip plow will prevent the zipper from snagging by moving the fabric away from the zipper. The zipper will keep all of the heat in because it has a thermo lock. Zipping and unzipping is also a very smooth animation.

There is even locks put in place to make rolling this bag an easy job. Ideally, you should be using this sleeping bag in 30-50 degree weather. This is a perfect sleeping bag for a casual camper.

There are cuffs around the hood to ensure that you are comfortable. They are made to be soft and surround your whole face. This sleeping bag also does a great job with insulation. It can completely stop it from shifting, which will also increase the durability. (Read Full Review)

  • Comfortable – For such a low price, this sleeping bag still offers a great amount of comfort.
  • Wash By Machine – You won’t have to worry about hand washing this bag because it can be done with the machine. You can simply put it in the washing machine and it will not get damaged during the wash.
  • Sound –  This sleeping bag doesn’t make much noise when you move around in it.
  • Packing – Bag is easy to roll up and get put away. You will need your own carrying bag.
  • No Case – This sleeping bag does not come with its own carrying case. It was made to be strapped down onto itself.
  • Bulky – This sleeping bag is bulky. It will be large even after it gets rolled up and tied.
  • Zipper – Looks like lower quality material.

Coleman Big Basin – Best Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big Basin Sleeping BagThe Coleman Big Basin is one of the best extreme weather sleeping bags. It is all polyester filling so it will last longer then cotton, making it more durable.

You will be able to use this from temperatures as low as 0 degrees. Any higher than 30 degrees and you will start to get hot inside of the sleeping bag.

The design was made to be tall enough to fit pretty much everyone. Unless you are taller than 6 feet 6″, you will be able to fit inside of this sleeping bag.

It comes with its own professional polyester cover and liner, so don’t worry if the materials are high quality!

This is a mummy style sleeping bag but it has more room then average mummy bags. There is more leg room so if you like to change positions then you will have an easy time doing so.

The quilting construction has eliminated all of the cold spots within the sleeping bag, insuring that you will have a warm night while inside. Therm lock also plays a role in this sleeping bag, saving all of the heat inside.

The zipper was built to be snag proof so you will not have a problem with opening or closing the bag. If you ever get to hot then you can simply unzip the sleeping bag and allow more air to flow into the bag.

As a bonus, you will get a free sack with this bag. The only way you should bring this bag with you is if you are car camping (due to the size and weight). If you are a car camper, then this sleeping bag is perfect for you.

Nothing is wrong with this bag besides the heavy weight and size. But from a backpacking point of view, this sleeping bag will be hard to bring around. (Read Full Review)

  • Size – Big enough to fit people around 6 feet tall and 200+ pounds. There is plenty of room inside and you will have no trouble moving around.
  • Fleece – There is a fleece at the bottom which helps keep your feet warm, therefore keeping your body heat.
  • Comfortable – Easy to get relaxed due to the huge size and quality materials. Especially since you can move around whenever you want.
  • Foot Area – Is ventilated so air will be flowing all throughout the bag.
  • Very Heavy – This bag is heavy so backpacking is not a good choice.
  • Very Big – It is also big so it might be hard for you to store this away.
  • Packing – It is not easy to compress this bag for storage.

Coleman Youth – Best Kid’s Sleeping Bag

Coleman Youth Sleeping BagThe Coleman Youth is one of the best kids sleeping bags for under $100. It is best for 45 degree temperature. This sleeping bag is very easy to pack up.

There is a special system to keep the bag straight while rolling it up. This sleeping bag also comes with a comfort cuff for your head. This will keep your face comfortable and warm.

The zipper is using the same zip plow feature as the whitewater sleeping bag, to insure that your sleeping bag is snag free. The insulation is pretty good and will keep you pretty warm and comfy. There is a decent amount of storage space in this bag.

One pocket is placed on the inside of the covers. So if your child has anything small with them, they can place it in there. Washing this sleeping bag is pretty easy. Either you or your child can simply put this in the washing machine and get it clean.

You don’t have to hand wash this like some other sleeping bags. If you have two kids, you can attach two of these together. So they can spend time being close to each other. There is also a free stuff sack included.

  • Warm – This kid’s sleeping bag does a great job of keeping them warm
  • Design – Special design on the interior is appealing to kids.
  • Easy to Clean – All you have to do is wash it, then hang it to dry.
  • Packing – Rolls up relatively easy and stays rolled after you strap it down.
  • Storage – Hard for kids to put back inside of the bag. It’s best to roll it up as much as possible before attempting to put it back inside of the bag.

Ohuhu – Best Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu Double Sleeping BagThe Ohuhu sleeping bag is one of the best double sleeping bags under $100. The materials put in here are to give you the most comfort.

The shell on here is water-resistant so it is great against condensation. It is filled with cotton, so it is better for anyone with sensitive skin.

Even though this is a double sleeping bag, you will have the ability to separate it into two bags. So if your partner moves around a lot then you can easily detach the sleeping bag.

You don’t need to have a partner though. If you would like the extra room than you can get this bag just for yourself! With this sleeping bag, you will get some extra accessories. Including two small pillows and a carrying bag.

The two pillows are kind of useless since they are very small and flat. It is best to bring your own pillows. You will be able to withstand temperatures of 23 degrees but it is best to be around 32 -50 degrees. That way you won’t get to cool or too hot. This sleeping bag is also very lightweight and portable, making it a suitable backpacking sleeping bag. (Read Full Review)

  • Lightweight – This sleeping bag is light due to the thin material.
  • Easy To Pack – Easy to roll up and carry around.
  • Warm – Even though this bed is thin, it is still great at keeping you warm. Even in cold weather.
  • Ability To Separate – If you ever find the need to detach the bed, you will have the ability to unzip them.
  • Compact – Bed gets pretty small when packed up.
  • Zipper – Seems sturdy and durable.
  • Pillows – The pillows are flat/small and pretty much useless. It’s best to bring your own pair along.
  • Quality – Material is thin so it could rip easily if not careful.

Coleman Palmetto – Best Budget Sleeping Bag

Coleman Palmetto Sleeping BagThe Coleman Palmetto sleeping bag is best for cool weather camping. It is also the best sleeping bag for the money. Filled with all cotton, so comfort is guaranteed. You can use this sleeping bag in all seasons except winter, making this a three season sleeping bag.

You will get the best bang for your buck with this sleeping bag.

There is three pounds of insulation to help keep the bag warm at 30 degrees. This sleeping bag also takes advantage of the therm lock zippers to help keep all of the heat inside.

When the time comes where you need to wash it, you can easily put it in the washing machine. So no need to spend time hand washing it.

The quality materials that Coleman has designed will keep you warm and comfortable. It is also the mot affordable bag on this list. (Read Full Review)

  • Lightweight – Great for carrying around on trips
  • Price – One of the best sleeping bags for the money.
  • Durable – Can last a long time and doesn’t get damaged during wash.
  • Comfortable – For a cheap sleeping bag, comfort is one of the things that you will find easily.
  • Packing – Difficult to put back in the bag. But once it’s in there, it will be very compact and easy to store/travel with.
  • Not Flannel – Polyster will grab onto your skin.
  • No Head Rest  – There is no rest but you can bring your own pillows

EcooPro – Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

ECOOPRO Sleeping BagThe EcooPro sleeping bag is most suitable for warm weather camping. This bag is filled with premium cotton that can block out temperatures of 50 degrees, which will enable you to have a warm and comfortable rest.

This sleeping bag comes with many purposes. There is no reason to bring a sleeping bag liner to use in any season. You will be just fine without one which will enable you to save some storage room.

This sleeping bag is perfect for mountain hiking or camping trips. It also comes with a big selection of colors for you to choose from.

The weight of this sleeping bag is surprisingly light. It is a great backpacking sleeping bags for under $100. It comes with its own carrying bag and compact straps for easy packing.

Once packed up, it will only weigh around 2 pounds which is great for someone who needs a light sleeping bag.

  • Weight – Only two pounds, so you won’t have to worry about this bag weighing you down.
  • Size – Fits inside of it’s carrying case. It is also able to fit people up to 5 feet.
  • Easy To Pack – Comes with straps that makes it easy to compress. The bag becomes very squishy so it will be able to store.
  • Summer Use – This is one of the best sleeping bags to use in summer for under $100
  • Drying – After washing, it will become dry relatively quickly.
  • Short – This sleeping bag is shorter than the advertised height.
  • Clingy – Material starts to cling onto the body.
  • No Hood – You will have to bring something else for you to rest your head on.

Semoo – Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag

SEMOO Comfort Sleeping BagThe Semoo Comfort sleeping bag is another great backpacking sleeping bag.

The difference between this and the others is that it was made for backpacking. It is all polyester which can be more durable if you take care of it.

This sleeping bag has all of the features that a backpacking sleeping bag should have.

It is extremely easy to compress which will save you plenty of time while packing up. It is super lightweight so you can carry this thing anywhere without ever getting tired. The best thing about it is its packing size!

It can get really small and save you a lot of space which will allow you to put other important items in your bag. The quality of the material is also great. It has a water-resistant shell which can help against condensation.

It has an envelope design to help fight against cold air. There is also a special pongee lining to help you get comfortable. The zipper on this sleeping bag does a good job of keeping heat inside of the bag. The temperatures that you should use this sleeping bag in is around 40-70 degrees. Perfect for three seasons.

  • Material – Doesn’t snag onto skin, as long as you are not hot.
  • Lightweight – Very light and easy to carry around. Straps makes it easy to backpack or tie down.
  • Warm Weather – Ideal for warm weather camping but it still has he ability to keep you warm if it does get cold.
  • Storage – Easy to roll up and get packed up. Whether you are hiking or car camping, it will be easy for you to find a place to store it.
  • Zip Together – If you happen to get two, you can zip them together.
  • Size – Able to fit people around 6 feet tall.
  • Seams – Seem to be of lower quality.
  • Heat – If it gets hot then the bag will start to stick to your skin.
  • Tight – Not much space when zipped up if you are a large size.


Sleeping Bag Buyers Guide

Go For Something Warm

If you want a sleeping bag then you are probably looking to stay warm. If you are camping during the colder seasons then you should be looking for a sleeping bag that can handle low weather. Usually, tighter sleeping bags help keep in most of your body heat. So if you are in warmer weather, you can get away with a wider sleeping bag. But in cold weather, you will need a tighter sleeping bag. This will take away your ability to move around while sleeping. There are some sleeping bags that can still be comfortable for you, even if you feel trapped.

Make Sure You Get The Most Comfort

Sleeping outside is something that you might not be used to. So getting the most comfort out of your sleeping bag is a must. Most sleeping bags are either filled with either polyester or cotton. Polyester is more durable and has less wrinkles or fades. Cotton is great if you have sensitive skin. It is also soft and really strong. You can decide which one you prefer. There are also sleeping bags that come with a hood/head rest. These are best because you won’t have to bring any extra pillows which means that you can save a bit of space.

Check For Quality Material

All because a sleeping bag in under $100 doesn’t mean that it can’t have quality material. There are plenty of sleeping bags that have material just as good as the higher priced bags. So if this was a worry for you, you don’t have to worry anymore. Above, you will see a lot of quality sleeping bags that other people have enjoyed using during their camping trips.

Make Sure It Is Your Size

There are many different sizes of sleeping bags. Some can serve for average sized people, while others can serve for bigger sized people. if you are small, you can take advantage of the bigger sized sleeping bags so that you can have more room. It is all up to you and what you decide is right for you.

Find The Features That Benefit You

Different sleeping bags come with different viable features. Some have the ability to unzip all the way and turn into a blanket. Others probably have a hood to help keep all of the heat inside. Some even come with a zipper so you can manage how much ventilation that you actually need in the hood. When picking a sleeping bag, you should look for the features that you find will most benefit you. If you like a head rest, get a sleeping bag with a head rest. If you like to use the sleeping bag as a blanket then get one that has that feature. You get the point. Pick something that has what you need so that you can enjoy your time sleeping.


Usually, you’re sleeping bag would be one of the most expensive things that you bring along. Hopefully, that won’t be the case after you’re done with this guide. There are actually some pretty nice sleeping bags that can provide you with all of the comfort and warmth that you need for an affordable price.

Try To get One That Is Lightweight

It is best to have a sleeping bag that is light. If it is light and easily compressible, then you can use it to backpack with. The lighter it is then the more easier it will be for you to manage your storage. If weight isn’t a concern to you, you can always use any of these sleeping bags to go car camping with.

Which Sleeping Bag Should You Pick

It all depends on what you need. If you like backpacking, then you could go with the Semoo sleeping bag. If you need a kid’s sleeping bag then you can go with the Coleman Youth. Just pick the sleeping bag that has what you need. They are all the best sleeping bags under $100. Each sleeping bag has its own purpose so all you have to do is find the one that is suitable for you.

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