This list will show you the best 5 person tents, as well as how many people can fit comfortably. There are also plenty of cool features within each tent that will be explained.

A five person tent is great for a family of four people of less.

We all know that it’s hard to actually fit the exact amount of people that the tent claims it can hold.

If five people can actually fit, then I’ll let you know!

Best 5 Person Tents

PictureTent NameDimensionWeightCapacitySeasons
PictureTent NameDimensionWeightCapacitySeasons
best 4-5 person tentWenzel Pine Ridge120 x 96 inches11lbs. 9oz.5 Person3 Season
best 5 Person tentsALPS Mountaineering Taurus120 x 96 inches14 lbs. 4oz5 Person3 Season
5 person tent reviewSuisse Sport Yosemite120 x 96 x 84 inches13.1 lbs5 Person3 Season

Wenzel Pine Ridge Review

Wenzel Pine Ridge 5 Person TentThe Wenzel Pine ridge is overall a great tent. But is it roomy enough for five people? Definitely not.

Five people can fit but there would not be enough room for any of you to be comfortable. Four people would be the recommended maximum capacity inside of this tent. To give you a better visual, a queen sized air mattress can fit inside with some room to spare.

The bed would have to be blown up on the inside of the tent first. Bringing it in and out is not possible. Only one person is needed to set this tent up, and it would take around 10 minutes on your first attempt. It would be faster if the setup is done with another person.

This tent has a rounded bottom that helps keep out rain and dirt. It even keeps out those annoying little bugs! If you are wondering about height, you will easily be able to stand inside of this tent. The dome shape makes the roof a nice height.

The roof also has a little cover so that if you place a lantern, It covers the light and spreads it around. This way you won’t ever be looking directly into the light if you happen to use a lantern. That’s a neat feature!

  • Setup – This tent is easy to set up. If you are experienced with setting up tents then you can set this tent up in five minutes. Maybe even faster!
  • Ventilation – The ventilation is great and the rain fly also has its own separate ventilation system to allow even more air to flow.
  • Price – This is a great price for a 5 person tent with a great design.
  • Rounded  Bottom – The bottom of the tent is capable of keeping out rain and dirt. It is also polyethylene which is one of the stronger materials.
  • “Lite Reflect” – This system is great for protecting your eyes while still providing a decent amount of light.
  • Size – This isn’t truly a “5 person tent” but it is capable of holding four people comfortably. There is plenty of room for four people to sleep around then tent.
  • Tub Floor – Advance design that stops leaks


  •  The tent stakes are not that strong. There are more stable ones available here.
  • Zippers – Like most zippers, they can snag.
  • Rainfly – Doesn’t fully cover the front of the tent. If it starts to puddle on top of the tent then the rain will fall inside whenever you decide to open the tent.


ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Outfitter Review

Alps Mountaineering Taurus 5 Person Outfitter TentThis is the best 5 person tent out of the three, but it comes at a higher price. If you ask me, it is well worth it. Why?

Because this isn’t just a normal tent. It is a heavy-duty version of ALPS normal tents. Everything has been upgraded to be stronger and even more durable.

The ALPS tent holds the least amount of people, comfortably at least. There is enough room for four people to sleep comfortably in. You can squeeze in five if you want but that is all up to you. This tent can be setup alone but it will be a little tricky for the first time.

With some practice, you will get faster at setting this tent up. Or you can just get another person to help you which will make things so much easier for you.

Enough of that! Lets get to the good stuff. This tent can stand winds of up to 50 mph and even gust of up to 70 mph. This tent might cost a lot, but it performs really well in bad weather.

There isn’t a lot of mesh inside of this tent so the ventilation will not be enough to keep you cool on hot days. This tent shines the most in cool-warm weather, due to the lack of mesh.

There is one main window on the front door, but that gets covered if the rainfly is on. There are also two extra flaps on the top of the rainfly to allow airflow but that’s about it.

But don’t let that distract you from the overall quality of this tent! It can go through storms easily due to its strength and high quality materials.

  • Quality – This tent has the highest quality materials used. Want a tent that won’t tear into pieces during a storm? This is the tent for you.
  • Durability – The ALPS Outfitter was made to last you many years. You won’t have to replace this tent for a long time.
  • Stability – Not even high winds of up to 50 mph can move this tent. It’ll stay up until you take it down.
  • Lantern Loop – You can hang your lantern up here if you brought one.
  • Size – Four people or less can fit in here (Maybe even a dog). There is even enough room for you to stand inside.
  • Setup – Very easy to follow instructions. You can have this tent ready in five minutes once you master the setup.
  • Zippers – Even the zippers are great. No more fighting just to open up your tent.
  • Gear Loft – There is a gear loft but if you use it, it will block off the lantern loop.
  • Heat – If it gets to hot temperatures, you will not survive while inside of this tent.

Suisse Sport Yosemite Review

Suisse Sport Yosemite TentThis is another tent that will NOT support five people. Four people should be the max if you want to have your own space. Five could be possible if you had small kids with you, but not five adults.

Now lets talk about its stability. This tent is very sturdy once secured into place since it comes with its own set of strong stakes. Yes, you heard that right! The stakes are actually useful, unlike the cheap ones you usually get with other tents.

But that’s just for wind. How about rain? This tent is pretty waterproof when it comes to rain. The bottom is secure due to the overextended walls, so nothing will end up leaking inside of your tent.

You will also be able to stand or walk inside of this tent. It is pretty tall so there is no chance of hitting your head, unless you’re a giant.

There is four windows on this tent. One on each wall and one on the door which allows the tent to ventilate and keep the inside cool.

If the temperature gets above 80 degrees then you wouldn’t want to be inside of this tent anymore, unless you like being baked alive.  This tent would be best used in temperatures of 50-70 degrees.

  • Space – There is plenty of room for four people to be comfortable with their own area of space.
  • Ventilation – This tents ventilation system is great. Even the roof in ventilated. Every little bit of air counts!
  • Setup – This tent is very easy to set up unless you are short. Then you might need some help. This tent also fits back into its own carrying case without a fight.
  • Tub Floor – Advance design that stops leaks.
  • Lantern Hook – You can hook your lantern onto this built-in loop.
  • Price – This is another great 5 person tent at an affordable price.
  • Zippers – They are smooth and don’t get caught up.
  • Instructions – They are a little hard to follow.
  • Stakes – They’re not of the best quality.
  • Divider – It’s not really a separate room. It’s just a curtain.


Which Is The Best 5 Person Tent?

In terms of quality, the ALPS Mountaineering would be the best 5 person tent to get.

But if you need more ventilation, then either the Suisse or Wenzel will work out great. All three of these tents are perfect for camping and can hold up pretty well with the right accessories.

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